Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Things I Secretly Want: Non-Stamping Items

So, I know we all have things that we "want" in life but don't really need. I have been thinking about it a lot lately, not like Ohhhhh, I WANT that soooo bad. More like, hm, I saw that used on so & so's blog, I think I would like that too.

So in the sprit of being totally self-centered here is my list:

#1: A dremel tool of my own, with fun spinning sanding things & one that can cut metal. My hubby hides his from me, may have been when I asked where is that thing that cuts metal. Statements like that make him nervous! I just needed to trim off part of a floor register that wasn't opening quite right.
Dremel 8000-03 Cordless Rotary Tools 10.8 Volt Rotary Tool

#2: A pink drill: Yep, want one of my own with pink drill bits. I figure if it's pink then there is no denying that it is mine and it won't make it's way into hubby tool chest.
Pink Drill Kit

#3: Magnetic Paint in Turquoise: How fun would that be! The main floor of my house is mostly accented in Baja Breeze like colors. Saw it in a magazine and have been thinking what I could make magnetic.

#4: New blinds in Espresso for my living room.
Style Selections27" x 72" Espresso Roman Shade
#5: To go along with the blinds, new curtains to cover my sliders in my living room.

So even though this list seems really self-centered, and keep in mind I NEED none of these things, it's kindof fun though.

I am in the process of working on a I think really cool piece of art for my living room or bathroom and hope to finish it today during nap time. Finger's crossed that my little one takes an extra long nap! :)

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  1. Oh man...don't we all have a list like this! Mine is much longer than yours though. I guess I am a little more greedy. Glad to be following you from SC.


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