Monday, August 16, 2010

Fabric Bags: 2 new ones!

Cute bags made with the Scallop Square Die are all the rage right now. They are easy as pie to make and even a non-sewer like me can whip one out in a couple of hours. So here are a couple ideas that may not be the norm that everyone else is making.

This cute little messenger bag was a gift from my roommate Tonya to me at convention. I love the colors, totally me! It is the perfect size for a purse or even a lunch bag. Check out the cute closure in the picture below.

This is my creation! I made it this spring for our trip to Myrtle Beach in April. I wanted a BIG beach bag that could hold at least 2 towels and toys, plus the normal garb a 2 year requires. I also needed it to be able to filter out the sand. At my local fabric store I was able to find the perfect netting/webbing. I'm not sure what it's normally used for but it comes on a roll in a bunch of colors. It is quite stiff and does the job great! I also used a short cut and used pre-quilted fabric, so all I had to do was sew the squares together. It has gotten a ton of use this summer and no sand in the bottom of MY bag!

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  1. Tara, I love the beach bag! That is a great idea to add the netting to the bottom for easy sand removal.


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