Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's getting CLOSE!

The start of the school year that is! I know that some schools are already back in session in different states but here in Michigan students can not start until after Labor Day (but we go till mid June).
Some of you may know this already about me but if not here is a little glimpse into my life. My day job is as a professional counselor (meaning one with a state counseling license and a masters degree) at an alternative high school. I LOVE my job, some days more than ever, but I do. I really feel that it is a great fit for me working in an alternative high school. Before I began working in the schools I spent 5 years working in the local mental hospital with adolescents in a secure (locked) residential program in various roles. Those jobs gave me a great understanding of teens, what they face, and the extreme side of them.
I thought I would share what I do outside of Stampin' Up! with a few pictures of my students.

The first few are at field day, I as the event coordinator get to plan the games for field day! This year I came up with some new games including the Ritz game. I originally saw this on the Ellen show & thought I have got to do this. So I did. The goal of the game was to eat all of the Ritz crackers (stuck to the plexiglass with squirt cheese) and whistle Happy Birthday before your opponents did. Hilarious!

One of our grads (you can tell by her green shirt) All my students wear a uniform t-shirt (orange) except the grads we let wear green that day.
This was amazing he is usually so shy and hardly talks in class. Well, he won the contest & worked for it!
Minute to win it "Apple Stacker": The concentration on her face!! :)

2 grads & 2 teachers. The student on the left took off his cap and gown before I could get a picture of him.
Part of the graduating class of 2009!!! Have you ever tried to track down 40+ students all at once in a crowd? Does not happen.
There you go a little glimpse into my life as I get ready for a new school year.

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