Friday, August 6, 2010

So I said I was working on a top secret project....

Well, that didn't happen the other day at all. I decided last week that on Monday (Aug 3) I would start potty training my 2 year old daughter. She's a blessing to my life BUT apparently potty training her is not my piece of cake.

First of all is a picture of her after the first time she went potty with her treat (organic fruit snacks, is that even possible?). Cute, don't you think?

So, here is the reality of it. Today she had 3 accidents, even though I was putting her on the potty EVERY 15 minutes. Hence, why my top secret project did not get done this week. It's not so much the accidents but that she doesn't go on the potty at all, she just plain holds it! Ahhhh.....


  1. good luck with the potty training! They really don't do it until they are good and ready and it is their idea! :)
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  2. Hi dear,
    Have fun in the potty training time of life! I've been there and soon have to go there again. Don't give up. At least she know how to hold her pee. That is a darn good sign.

    Take good care, Pauline

  3. Hi!
    I am going to be taking that journey with my son soon, too. I don't envy you. My oldest one could totally do it, he just didn't want to, so I finally had to tell them that they didn't make Pull Ups in his size anymore so he had to go on the potty. Finally he did, and he didn't look back. I'm hoping it's easier the 2nd time around.
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  4. So funny! Not the accidents but the photo. So stinkin' cute! It will happen one day like a switch has been flipped. Seems like the harder I worked with my son the longer it took. Once I stopped trying he started using the toilet. Go figure! LOL!
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  5. What a cutie!!
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