Sunday, December 12, 2010

Nothing Like A Thanksgiving Day Flood

Do you see that little clearish tube? That is the culprit. Yep, just that little pipe caused this much damage:
Two feet of drywall, base molding and of course new paint will be replaced. What happened is the pipe to our humidifier on our furnace cracked for several days it went unnoticed thus leaking under the drywall in into my stamp room. Gasp! I freaked when I discovered it, of course the night before I was teaching a class.
The carpet will be ripped out and replaced with tile (as seen in the earlier picture), slightly to my dismay because of the cold factor, but I don't want to deal with any more leaks. While we are at it we are going to tile the whole basement. Excited that this will be a better option than carpet for us since we have a pool off of the basement and because I can easily mop up the spills and glitter from stamping.
Can you see on the cabinet how much water it sucked up? That will also need to be replaced. As will the other six that were damaged plus 4 white cabinets/bookcases. Oh, My.

Check out the disaster below. This is what happens when you realize that your stamp room is flooding! We quickly threw everything we could into our spare bedroom/office. Yikes, who is going to clean up this disaster?
What I need from all of you is inspiration! In the comment section please add a link with pictures of your stamp/craft room. Come on everyone I'm ready to be inspired! Thanks.


  1. ohhh I am so sorry, water is such a horrible culprit. I love your blog and am now following it from SC.

  2. I have had a flood in my craft room. Water softener was the culprit. I happened to be in Scotland and my daughter took care of it for me. Boy was I lucky. I did have to move everything to have the carpet replaced but the insurance man had already been there and it was all dried out by the time I got home! I am afraid I don't have any inspiration for you except it will be beautiful and all organized once you are finish. Good luck!

  3. Sorry about your flood. that just sucks. I'm hearing impaired and can't hear water so have flooded my laundry room a few times when I couldn't hear the water running and it overflowed. Lost our ceiling and floor tiles in basement below. What a mess. Makes me sick when I think about it. Here's a little share to give you inspiration and make you feel better. It will all go away, trust me.

  4. Yikes! I remember a flood we had here and occasionally the ceiling leaks on our patio which is where my craft room is and the havoc that raises. I hope you can fix it real soon.

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about this - oh how sorry I am for you - how awful! I wish I could post a pic of my stamping room, but I don't have one, myself! Oh, how I would LOVE that!! :) Hope you have yours up and running soon. ((HUGS))

  6. OH man that sucks! I hope you got it all together now. I have some pic's of my stamp room on my blog.. on the WOYWW Posts. I am now following you from SC.

    I also have a Challenge blog with some SU friends we are doing a sketch with twist this week.. Bring on the Bling.. Please come by and say Hi.

    Thanks again!
    Shirley Pumpkin #312