Friday, July 30, 2010

Convention Recap: Some of my favorite people!

The first picture is of my room mates and I. Even though we did not all know each other (2 of them did) it was like we knew each other for years just after a couple of hours. Next year convention here we come!

Secondly, is a picture of Gwen and I. Gwen works at the SU! head office and was my DBD trainer this winter (Demonstrator Business Development). She really, really helped me kick my business into full gear. Plus, she is just a great cheerleader and encourager!

After that is a picture of Shelli (SU! co-founder) and her daughter Sara. These two are like a comedy show with stamps! I always enjoy when they stamp together on stage. PS: Check out their skirts, do you recognize the new fabric that SU! now sells? And the bling on Sara's face! Cute, Cute, Cute!
Lastly, is another picture of me and 2 of my room mates. Tami (my 3rd roomie) had to leave early that morning to fly home, bummer. Anyway, here we are at the closing session. I should add that as we had this picture taken there was a video camera on us, for a LONG time, so long it made me nervous. One of the last things that closes out the convention is the highlight video & we were in it!

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  1. I stumbled upon your blog not even realizing that I had met you at convention through Sarah and Tanya. Well anyway I am loving your blog.


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