Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bathroom Mirror: Before and After

The bathroom re-do continues! It's almost done but I'm not quite ready to show the whole deal yet. Sometime.....someday.....
For about 6 months we have had this mirror hanging in our bathroom. Although it was a great find already painted in silver, not the ugly gold from the 70s, it just felt way to heavy for my light & airy bathroom. When I bought it I knew I would paint it but since it was in a decent condition as it was I committed myself to living with it for a while that way.
Here is the before picture. You can see I already started to prime it, then remembered to quick take a couple of picture. I almost forgot in my excitement and rush! The day I did this it was supposed to rain and I was heading over to a friends to help her pick out some paint for her bathroom remodel.
Here it is in all it's glory. I used American Accents (my fav spray paint) in Apple Green. I did do two coats + on this beauty after priming it really well. Oh, apparently one of my bathroom lights is out...hmm....DH is going to have to fix that one.

Close up shot of my work. You can see that the mirror is not perfect, but what do you expect for a vintage mirror that has been well loved.
Side View. In case you are wondering the paint color of the walls is Meander Blue from Sherwin Williams. I really like this color of blue, it has just the right amount of green in it to blend with the rest of the turquoise in my house.
Do you LOVE my Anthropologie shower curtain?!?! I LOVE it. Definitely a splurge put really adds to the room in my opinion.

Side note: I am so excited that we will be getting our own Antro some time in the next year right here in Grand Rapids. I have been a once a year in store Anthro shopper for quite a while while I am in Salt Lake City for the Stampin' Up! convention. Now I'll be able to shop there all the time. Yikes, my hubby is going to pass out.

Cost for this project: $35 for the mirror from a resale shop, $10 in spray paint.

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  1. I adore your mirror and want one JUST LIKE IT! :) I'm a new follower from SC.


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