Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Before and After Bedroom

I LOVE before and after home pictures. I stalk Design * Sponge blog about every day or so. I dream of being featured on their blog, but for now I'll pretend here! :)
The first picture are of the house before we bought it. We were able to take some pictures while the home inspection was going on. There were WAY worse parts of the house then the bedroom but I needed to make it my own. So after 3 years of living here we took the plunge. Although, we are not done yet, curtains need to be pressed and hemmed, artwork needs to be painted above the dresser, and don't even get me started on the carpet! Ug!!!! I figured that it was far enough along to share though, hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
Here are the details:
Yes, that is a Stampin' Up Stencil that I used with Hep Green latex paint overtop of a nice chocolate color. All my paint comes from Sherwin-Williams, I really believe that they are the best & that's not just because my BIL works for them! :) I made the curtains myself using "apple" color decor fabric from the local fabric chain. I even used SU! twill tape for the backs to make the pleat pockets, might not be the right way to use the product but it worked great. The chocolate parachute duvet cover is from West Elm (my Christmas gift this year!!!) and the green quilt is from Target, along with the green end tables, & lamps. The funky chair is a repurpose piece from my living room but it was from EQ3 a few years ago. The bedroom furniture is from Bedroom Expressions, when we were married over 8 years ago. Last thing is the shades, they are from Lowes, my new fav store.
Hope you enjoyed my before and after!


  1. How cool! I love the colors and the stenciling, and the sewing, and it all- Awesome work!

  2. this is so neat! same colors i am planning to do when we get settled in to our new place. i just love what you did and TFS!

    - Elizabeth (missimagination.com)