Friday, February 9, 2018


In a land far far away and a long time ago.....

I became a stamper.  

It was in college the summer between by Junior and Senior year.  My friend called me (on a real phone with a cord) and said have you been stamping the summer?  Stamping what was that?  At this time I was working on an art degree and quite crafty in general.  I headed out to Meijer and checked out the craft section, Stamps.  I was a poor college student then and worked for the college in the summer, so not a lot of dough was made, but I purchased my first stamp on clearance.  It was a chili pepper stamp.  I colored it with markers, not even stamping markers, like kids markers, and stamped on index cards.  That is how it all started.  

The we started a stamping group and would stamp in a RD's apartment on the weekends.  When I was an RA as a senior I spent all my money at the local stamp store, like ALL my money.  We would get paid every couple of weeks about $80 and I'd spend it on stamps!  

So what was your first stamp or crafting supply?  Share with us this week.  

These days I'm exclusive to Stampin' Up! products and stamps, but I found a bin of old stamps from way back when.  This is one of them!  I can see why I saved it, it's a beauty! I used markers (Stampin' Write) as an ode to the olden days.  ;)  

So fun to dig through old products that I still have!  

Please join us this week! 

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