Thursday, May 27, 2010

School Related My Digital Studio

Every year at Discovery Alternative High School (my day job) we have to make our own year book pages. This year I decided that I could quick whip out my page using SU!'s my Digital Studio. Although these pages are not very exciting, I feel it shows that you can use MDS for other types of projects. I personally think it would be GREAT if we did the whole yearbook using MDS, BUT I am smarter than the average bear, so I'm keeping my mouth shut on that one. I do not want to be in charge of the yearbook, that much I do know!
The first page is of Mr. Alston and I (we each get 1/2 page) since it is his first year at Discovery, I took pity and designed his 1/2 page with mine.
The second page is of Sharon, she keeps everyone in line at school, me included! We all know that a school needs a strong front office and she is just that! I only designed her 1/2 of the page because my principal will have the top 1/2 of the page.

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